A Cool Find...

A Cool Find...
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The Strat in the Attic:
Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology
256 pages
First edition
June 10, 2013
ISBN 10:
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Tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists green with envy.

If you have any interest in vintage guitars you likely dreamed at some point of unearthing that rare axe in a garage sale for a couple hundred bucks. In Strat in the Attic, author Deke Dickerson spins some great tales about those kinds of guitar finds. This quick read is a collection of short stories and, being a Fender guy, I scrolled right to the ones involving strats and teles including the recent discovery of a 60’s strat once owned by Dylan and, more importantly, played by him at Newport to launch the electric phase of his career. 

Of course there are plenty of other guitars featured as well from Les Pauls to some really esoteric models.  The book is nicely illustrated with great color photos of all these cool finds. All in all, Strat in the Attic is a worthwhile find itself!