Collecting Elvis Presley

Collecting Elvis Presley

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The 1950s Elvis Presley Memorabilia and Records Price Guide

In the 1950s Elvis became the King of Rock and Roll. Thrity-five years later he remains the King of Rock collectability. Starting with Elvis' High School years at Humes High, through his induction into the U.S. Army, this Elvis Presley collector's price guide chronicles 1950-1959 Elvis Presley Memorabilia.

Included are pre-Sun Records era items, Concert Memorabilia, Movie Paraphernalia, EPE Novelty Items, RCA Record Releases, Autographs, and more. Several items appear in print for the first time. Current market prices are listed. For the very serious collector, for the newly interested buyer, for the first time seller, for the nostalgia buff, here is a book for all to enjoy.

• Current Market Prices
• 700 Color Photographs
• Tips For identifying Counterfeit Items
• Time Line of Elvis' Life in the 1950s
• History of Elvis Presley Enterprises